Health Connection improves lives.
For almost two decades, Health Connection’s CEO and founder, BJ Crabtree, has worked to improve the lives of clients throughout the United States. Educating people about the importance of nutrition, exercise, and living a better life, BJ and her team provide clients with the tools they need to make significant changes in their lives. They do this through corporate and group speaking engagements, organization-wide programs, one-to-one counseling sessions, and resources that make lifestyle transitions as seamless as possible. And Health Connection solutions, if implemented correctly, are not only life-changing, but also sustainable over time.

Are you an Organization that Needs to Get Healthier?
The Health Connection team works to implement corporate wellness programs in large
and small corporations, school wellness programs across school districts, and specialized wellness programs for non-profit organizations. Interested in learning more? Contact us.

Do You Believe in Health Connection’s Mission?
Many do. That’s why Health Connection partners with a variety of industry professionals and businesses—including personal trainers, massage therapists, physicians, medical spas, and non-profit organizations—to conveniently bring Health Connection methodologies to their clients. In fact, current distributors/supporters of Health Connection’s resources/solutions include:

Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa  
Fitwize 4 Kids
Women with Hope
Business Networking International
United States Postal Service
Suburban Pediatric Associates, Inc.

Are you interested in becoming a Health Connection supporter :

Benefits include:

·         Increased credibility with employees/customers/patients
·         Research studies to increase employee/customer/patient knowledge
·         Potential to create a second revenue stream for your office

Contact us.

Whether you are a CEO who wants to institute a corporate wellness program, a school administrator who wants to teach healthy eating habits to students, or an individual trying to increase your quality of life in today’s busy world,
Health Connection can help.
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