Children's Health

We’re not paying enough attention to our children.

If you are a parent, you work hard to give your children every possible advantage in life. Yet, too often parents ignore their children’s nutritional health. It takes too much time, there are too many other things to do, and eating right requires knowledge. Plus, fast food and junk food are specifically marketed to today’s children which makes the battle to eat right even harder.

As a result, our country’s children eat and drink too much sugar, consume too many empty calories, and don’t eat enough of the right things they need—especially fresh fruits and vegetables. And, with the arrival of addictive video games, children aren’t playing outside and getting as much exercise as they used to. Because of this, our children will be at risk of developing degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke at a much younger age. 

Here are a few of the startling statistics:

  • Less than 7% of all children and adolescents consume the recommended three servings of vegetables per day.
    Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
  • One child in four is obese.
    International Journal of Obesity
  • Nearly 50% of obese adolescents remain obese as adults.
    International Journal of Obesity
  • About 6% of elementary school children and 7% of adolescent children miss 11 or more days of school yearly due to illness or injury.
    Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • In the last 20 years, Type 2 diabetes has increased ten-fold.
    International Journal of Obesity
  • By the age of 12, an estimated 70% of our children have developed the beginning stages of hardening of the arteries.
    Bogalusa Heart Study
  • 7% of school age children are diagnosed with ADHD.
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Scary, isn’t it? We’re not paying enough attention to children’s wellness and our children are paying the price. Click here to get more information on the Children’s Health Study.

Want to do something about it? Plan a Children’s Workshop today in your neighborhood or at your School!

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