Corporate Wellness

The Founder and CEO of Health Connection, BJ Crabtree, knows first-hand the stresses and time constraints that come along with corporate America. She knows that you constantly have a million to-do items on your list and that business lunches and corporate cafeterias make it hard to stick to a healthy diet. How? She was a bank executive for 16 years. She also knows the effects that these conditions can have on your health. So, almost two decades ago, she opted out. And opted into living her healthiest life and helping others do the same. This is why Health Connection is uniquely suited to help corporations improve their employees’ health, revamp their policies, and save a little money at the same time.

Sound good to you? Here is how Health Connection’s Corporate Health and Wellness Programs can benefit your organization.

  • The well-being of your employees will increase. This means a decreased amount of sick days, increased productivity, and a happier workforce.
  • Monthly educational programs that address ergonomic health, nutrition, fitness, and safety in the workplace can help you meet certain legal requirements and reduce workplace liabilities.
  • In some cases, the health resources used by Health Connection, like Juice Plus + can decrease insurance costs for your employees and the company.
  • Our programs are completely customizable for your organization, corporate culture, and current employee health levels.
  • Health Connection utilizes evaluations to assess physical, neurological, and emotional well-being pre- and post-program so that you can easily measure results—and determine the return on your investment
Interested in learning more? Download our Corporate Health and Wellness Programs brochure.

Whether you are a CEO who wants to institute a corporate wellness program, a school administrator who wants to teach healthy eating habits to students, or an individual trying to increase your quality of life in today’s busy world,
Health Connection
can help.
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